Focus tracks

Select one of the following tracks where you will concentrate your time during the week.

Are you searching for God? New to the faith? Feeling dry?
In Encounter you can learn about Jesus and His story in creative and engaging ways. You’ll also explore what impact He can have on your own life. Whether you are a skeptic who is investigating Christianity, a new believer who longs to know Jesus more, or someone who is simply searching for truth – this track offers a variety of opportunities to encounter Jesus and His love in a real and meaningful way. If you are searching for something more in life, come join us to see what Jesus might have for you.
We all get stuck in sharing our faith. We need each other’s help.
In this track, we will look to see where God is at work in your story and in your circle of friends. We’ll explore what it means to be a community that increasingly welcomes skeptics and seekers, and guides them in their journey with Jesus. We will show you ways to partner with leaders in your chapter to shape your community in becoming more outwardly focused and fruitful as witnesses together.
Join us as we practice being the vibrant witnessing community that we hope will become the “new normal” back on campus and beyond.
This is a week for your chapter leadership team to pray, build relationships, seek God’s purposes for your campus and plan for the coming year. You’ll meet with God, work as a team on the planning process, and catch a vision for how God can use your chapter on campus. Biblical teaching, vision casting, conversations with chapter leaders from other schools, and training in biblical leadership combine to make a life-changing week. Requirement: At least 4 of your leadership team members (for the coming year) plus your InterVarsity Campus Staff member or other resource person must participate together.
Come live with Jesus in chapters 1-8 of Mark’s Gospel. Using a manuscript study format, we will meet Jesus together in a new way. Mark 1 is for you if:
– You want a fresh, up close and personal encounter with Jesus
– You want to learn more about the nature and values of God’s kingdom
– You want to learn new Bible Study skills to enrich your personal and group Bible study and worship.
– You want to see what it looks like to follow Jesus and be a witness for him on campus.
What to keep meeting Jesus the Christ in the Gospel of Mark and see what it means to live, lead, and experience the redemption of God’s Kingdom thru Jesus? Then Mark 2 is for you! Walk with Jesus and his disciples during the last season of Jesus’ earthly life and ministry. Hear the calls to follow Jesus and none other. Take a first row seat to the betrayal, arrest, suffering, and new life of Jesus’ Passion Week. Dig in and wrestle; you, your understanding of Scripture, and your ministry in this world will never be the same.
Christians call it the Old Testament, but it was anything but old to Jesus, the apostles, and the early church. Origins is designed to help you enter into the world of the Old Testament and to meet God there.  Using a combination of manuscript Bible studies and experiential learning, you will find your place in God’s big story, deepen your relationship with Jesus, and gain tools to delve into the Old Testament on your own.
This track is designed for those who have been asked by their InterVarsity staff or leadership team to lead a small group Bible study on campus. Come and learn! Learn how to lead small group members in discovering and following Jesus through engaging Bible study. Learn how to lead your small group in doing mission – sharing Jesus in and through your small group to your campus communities. Learn how to develop future small group leaders within your very own small group. This will be a powerful week to prepare you for what can be one of the more impactful experiences of a college student – leading a missional small group within a campus community.
Can you really serve God by cleaning bathrooms, hauling firewood, and slicing mountains of vegetables? Yes! Join the Cedar Campus crew for a week-long lesson in practical servanthood. You will have the opportunity to serve God, your chapter, other students and Cedar Campus. Because of your work schedule you will not always be free when students in other tracks have free time. However, all crew track participants will be able to attend evening worship and exposition and chapter prayer.

Dates, Deadlines, & Track Availability