Summer Ministry Opportunities

InterVarsity Leadership Institute

The InterVarsity Leadership Institute (IVLI) is an opportunity to devote an entire month with other like-minded students to high quality Bible teaching, intensive discipleship, practical evangelism experience, and personal time with the Lord in a beautiful and unhurried setting. IVLI is also a wonderful place to hear God’s call in your future vocation — including perhaps a call to full-time vocational ministry.

The purpose of the Leadership Institute is to equip and commission the next generation of missional leaders who courageously embrace the call of leadership in their lives to transform the campus, the church, and the world.

Leadership Institute is July 2 – July 29, 2016. The deadline for applying is May 18th, 2016.

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Global Projects & Global Urban Trek

GLOBAL PROJECTS take students around the world to serve with IFES students in their cities and on their campuses. Learn a new language and culture while sharing yours. Impart Jesus’ compassion for the sick, the orphaned, and preach the good news on one of our projects.

GLOBAL URBAN TREK is for students serious about responding to poverty and considering long-term service among the poor. The objective is to walk alongside the poor for seven weeks in international places of poverty. Students partner with locals at their ministry sites to better understand how urban settings are transformed.

Do you have a desire to exand your love for God and His purposes around the world? If so, these are a couple of great opportunities for you to consider.

Students and recent graduates are welcome.

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Urban Projects

We invite you to encounter God in a different way – to come and “seek the shalom of the city” (Jer. 29:7). Spend your summer, your spring break, your weekends in one of the major cities in the US: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, DC, and more. You will have the opportunity to step into the lives of those living in poverty in cities, to learn their stories, to see the faces behind the social issues being debated in our nation.

In this incarnational ministry, you’ll walk alongside Jesus as he feeds the hungry, gives drink to the thirsty, clothes the naked, invites in the stranger, takes care of the sick, visits the prisoner, and calls himself one of them (Matthew 25:31 – 46). You’ll live and serve with other students and staff, exploring issues of justice, poverty, oppression, racial reconciliation, violence, lifestyle, and biblical community in very tangible ways that lead you to examine your own life through the lens of the marginalized and oppressed.

Students and recent graduates are welcome.

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Cedar Campus Summer Crew

Cedar Campus is InterVarsity’s camp & conference center located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on the shores of Lake Huron. Every year thousands meet God there, are renewed, and are better equipped as disciples of Christ. But in order for Cedar Campus to provide a rich experience like this, a strong team is required to keep the camp running smoothly and to ensure the needs of all guests are being met with care – and this is Crew.

Participants in this program work full-time alongside the year-round camp staff in a variety of departments such as Buildings & Grounds, Kitchen, Waterfront & Recreation, Store & Coffee Shop Management, Children’s Crew, and House Keeping & Guest Services. Crew members also meet regularly in family groups for fellowship and spiritual growth – often praying, studying Scripture, or just having fun spending time together.

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